We decided to try out a VOIP provider that would work with my OBi110 we purchased earlier. For the moment, this is just for test purposes, to see how well the sound quality is, and how reliable the service is.

We chose a company called Callcentric . They seem to have reasonable reviews,  and had reasonable rates. You pay $1.50 per month for 911 access with location services. If you want a new phone number for dial in, it’s $1.95 per month. You pay 1.5 cents per minute for incoming calls, and about 2 cents a minute for outgoing calls.

The OBi110 we’re using has 2 “lines”. One can be used for your Google Voice number. Another could be used for this VOIP number. So currently, we setup the Callcentric VOIP line as the primary line. So when you pickup the phone and start dialing a number, calls are routed to the Callcentric VOIP service. If you want to dial out using the Google Voice line, you can press “* * 2” first, then the phone number. Calls are then route through Google Voice the Google Voice service, and are completely free when dialing domestically.

So right now, we have 3 phone numbers: our original, land-line based number; a free Google Voice number; and this new Callcentric phone number. Ultimately, we want to drop our COX land-line phone service, but we want to keep our home number. So we can either port our home number to the Google Voice service, or we can port our home number to the Callcentric service.

After some research, it seems you can’t port a home number directly to Google Voice service. Google only allows you to port wireless, mobile phone numbers to their GV service. So if we wanted to port our home number over, we’d have to temporarily port our home number to a cell phone service (we have a spare ATT pre-paid, Go-Phone cell phone which we can be used for this), then port the number to Google Voice.

Porting our home number to Callcentric’s service is more straightforward. We just sign some form, pay a $25.00 fee, and wait a few weeks until our number magically gets transferred to their service.

So for now, we’ll be testing the Callcentric service, and see how that goes.

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