ObiHai OBi110

We’re on a quest to reduce down our monthly landline phone bill. It’s strange that we’re still paying Cox $30+ per month for a service that conceivably be replaced with a cheap Internet-based, VOIP service. This device is step 1 in cutting the landline cord.

The OBi110 box arrived today. You plug it in to your router at home, then plug a phone into it, and finally set it up by entering your free Google Voicephone number. From then on, any calls made to your Google Voice number rings your phone. And you can make outgoing calls from the phone to any domestic number, free, via Google Voice.

This box was relatively inexpensive ($50 from Amazon), and worked right away. You can read a good review here.

I had to make some modifications in the Tomato firmware of our router to allow VOIP traffic from the box to take higher priority over normal network traffic; otherwise, I would get stuttering and dropouts in phone calls, whenever there was high traffic on our LAN (like when online backupis occurring).

So step 1 is done. We got a new, dedicated Google Voice number for the house. Now, it’s time to do some research on how to actually drop our land-line service: either drop our number completely, and just start using the new Google Voice number for our house; or keep the home phone number and port the number to the Google Voice service, or keep the number, but port it to a VOIP service.

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